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Attract new customers to your local business with a free Google Places listing

Attract new customers to your local business with a free Google listing

Google has over 1.2 billion unique users per month and offers amazing marketing opportunities for any local business. A Google Places listing for your small business can appear right when people are searching for your business or businesses like yours on Google Search or Maps. Google My Business makes it easy to create and update your listing—so you can stand out, and bring customers in. Getting set up used to be a pain, however it’s now incredibly easy for local businesses to connect with customers on search, on Maps, on Google Plus from one dashboard - with any changes you

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Increase customer visits

Rewarding your customers is ace. They love getting free stuff and will come back time and again if you reward their loyalty. Unfortunately, your customers don’t like paper stamp cards. But the good news is they do like mobile loyalty and are much more likely to come back more often if you have something as cool as Scrummy Club in place. Scrummy Club traders are regularly seeing 62% more visits from their regular customers. Would you like your customers to visit 62% more often?   Scrummy Club helps the best small and independent traders bring new customers through their door and

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Customer loyalty schemes for cafes: how to make yours successful

A customer loyalty scheme can be a great way of rewarding the best customers at your cafe. Not only is customer retention central to cultivating brand loyalty, but it can also help your business financially. It can be 5-10 times more expensive to acquire customers than to retain them. And loyal patrons also spend 67% more on average than new consumers. Creating loyal customers is about more than a great loyalty scheme. But if you’re looking to make your cafe’s customer loyalty scheme a success, here are a few tips to consider. 1. Think about your customer loyalty scheme’s objectives

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How to reduce staff turnover at your cafe

Staff turnover is one of the biggest problems facing businesses of all sizes, in all sectors but is particularly acute for cafes and hospitality businesses. Research suggests that typical staff turnover in the UK restaurant and café industry is over 72% per annum compared to the average of 15%. And if you are an owner of a small cafe where, according to research, every staff member who leaves costs a business £1,543, your business can really suffer if staff continually need to be replaced. So, what can you do to quell the tide of departees? Here are a few tips

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Customer retention for cafes

One of the greatest challenges for cafes is to get people to walk through your doors and make a first-time purchase. In an ever-competitive field however, cafes that do not put customer retention plans in place are the ones most likely to fail. Far too many cafes figure that their food and drink will do all the talking. These same cafes believe that they do not need to re-market to customers who have already experienced their product, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. Here we explore customer retention for cafes, and the importance of making sure first-time customers become long-term

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Customer reviews for your cafe: 5 ways to encourage more

Any time you want to try somewhere new to eat or drink, you’ll probably start by looking at the customer reviews available for it online. That’s because you know that online reviews can influence whether or not to try a particular cafe. The same will be true of your cafe’s customers. Potential new customers will be looking for information about your cafe right now to help them decide whether or not to try your place out. The more positive customer reviews and ratings your cafe gets, the more likely you will attract new customers. But customer reviews are a bit

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