Scrummy Club helps the UK’s best small traders to bring new customers through their doors, and keep them coming back more often - all from only 80p per day. Here’s what you get.

A powerful mobile loyalty app

Scrummy Club provides your business with a hugely improved mobile app replacement for all those annoying paper loyalty cards.

With Scrummy there’s no need for your customers to remember to carry around loads of cards, to worry about losing them, or to have to hunt for the right card while paying.

There’s no hardware or EPOS integration required, and it provides an easy and fun way for customers to engage as they collect points and rewards for their loyalty. It’s highly affordable too! Our automated in-app messages help remind and encourage your customers to visit more frequently too.

How it can help your business

  • Reward your most valued customers
  • Create happier, more loyal customers
  • Increase customer visits
  • Reduce queuing time
  • Zero wastage compared to printed cards
  • No need to build your own app
  • Quick and easy to set up and manage
  • Get rid of annoying paper cards!
  • Costs less than running a paper loyalty scheme!

Powerful customer analytics & marketing database

Powerful customer analytics & marketing database Scrummy Club provides powerful customer analytics and statistics on your loyalty campaign to help you understand what’s working for your customers and your business.

There’s no longer any need to maintain your own customer email database or manually manage your paper loyalty scheme.

How it can help your business

  • Get to know your customers better
  • Make smarter business decisions
  • Build a customer marketing database
  • Less admin time
  • More time to spend with your customers

Google Places

This integration pulls all your Google Places business details into the Scrummy app.

Now we can display your address and phone number (with click-to-call), opening hours and photos of your business all within the Scrummy Club app, helping new and existing customers get in touch and know when they can visit.

How it can help your business

  • Showcase your business to attract new customers
  • Help new customers discover you
  • Make it easy for customers to get in touch

Google Maps + Get me there

This integration pulls your Google Maps business details into the Scrummy app to show your business’ precise location on an interactive map.

This also includes our ‘Get me there’ feature launches Google Maps from within the Scrummy app to show your business’ location in relation to the Scrummy Club shopper.

Together these features help new customers to find your business, and makes getting there completely seamless.

How it can help your business

  • Make it easy for new customers to discover you
  • Make it easy for customers to visit you

Website, TripAdvisor, Facebook & Twitter links

Your in-app listing can include links to your Website, TripAdvisor, Facebook and Twitter profiles to drive website traffic, build your social media audience and generate TripAdvisor reviews all from within the app.

How it can help your business

  • Increase your website visitors
  • Grow your Facebook & Twitter fans
  • Increase your Facebook & Twitter engagement
  • Encourage TripAdvisor reviews

Refer-a-friend via social, email and more

Word of mouth referrals are one of the most powerful ways to grow a business. Scrummy Club’s Refer-a-friend tool enables your existing customers to bring their friends and colleagues to your business all from within the app.

Scrummy enables your customers to share your promotion using their preferred method of communication: email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp and more.

Add in bonus Scrummy points for everyone involved – referrers and referees - and you have the perfect ‘set and forget’ referral tool to help grow your business.

How it can help your business

  • Generate trusted word of mouth referrals effortlessly
  • Turn your existing customers into advocates
  • Encourage new customers into your business
  • Build your Scrummy Club scheme
  • Reward customers for helping you grow
  • Word of mouth from a trusted source

Email marketing

Periodically email your customers details of daily and weekly specials and exclusive Scrummy Club offers encouraging them to visit shop at specific times, run a promotion on slow sellers, promote new products and services.

Let your customers know about upcoming events, share some news or just say hello!

How it can help your business

  • Increase customer visits
  • Reduce quieter times of the day or week
  • Promote new products & services
  • Speed up slow selling products & services
  • Cross-sell and up-sell existing products
  • More engaged and delighted customers

On-going expertise

The Scrummy Club team is 100% devoted to helping your business grow through loyalty, engagement and more.

Everything we build is focused on helping you do that effortlessly, and our in-house team offers unparalleled on-going support to all our Traders to ensure you get the best out of your Scrummy Club.

How it can help your business

  • Unparalleled on-going support
  • More effective loyalty without the hassle
  • Less for you to worry about
  • Benefit from years of marketing expertise

Scrummy Club helps the best small and independent traders bring new customers through their door and keep them coming back more often. Grow your business with Scrummy Club.