Mobile loyalty for customers, a Scrummy case study

Local lunchtime favourite, Doorsteps in Salisbury, has been using Scrummy Club’s mobile loyalty app solution to reward their customers for over a year. Not only do their customers love it more than their old paper scheme, but Doorsteps can now better measure its success. The best result for Doorsteps however was managing to increase sales on market days, traditionally slower days for them. 

The customer

Doorsteps is an independent sandwich shop in Salisbury’s medieval city centre. They offer freshly made thick-cut sandwiches, soups and more using the best local ingredients.

A firm local favourite, Doorsteps was established more than 20 years ago. For the last few years it has been owned and managed by Pete.

Their challenge

Pete wanted a better way to encourage more repeat business from their customers, particularly at slower times of the week. And he wanted some way to engage with his customers when they weren’t in his shop.

Although Doorsteps already had a paper loyalty scheme in place, Pete knew his customers didn’t like carrying these cards around.

He also had no idea how many customers had cards at any one time, and no way of knowing when he was likely to be giving away rewards.

Our mobile loyalty solution

Pete reviewed a few mobile loyalty solutions however most of them were expensive. They were also complicated to set up and use, and either required a tablet on the counter or some kind of integration with his till.

Creating his own Doorsteps app would have been costly, with little guarantee for success.

He chose Scrummy Club because it was easy for his customers to use, highly cost-effective, and incredibly quick & easy to setup.

As other nearby businesses also use Scrummy Club, any shared customers are more likely to keep using it.

How we helped

Scrummy Club had Pete’s new mobile loyalty campaign setup in no time at all.

His welcome pack, including a unique scan-able QR code and promotional materials, was sent out the same day.

Doorsteps’ campaign was live in the Scrummy Club app and ready for his customers to use the day after that.

The results

Doorsteps has now been working with Scrummy Club for over a year, during which time we have been a part of more than 3,000 transactions with 150+ of their valued customers.

Doorsteps’ customers love it and they’ve also seen an increase in sales on what had traditionally been quieter days – an added bonus!

Here’s what one of Doorsteps’ customers had to say…

“I really like how easy it is to use. It’s way more fun that getting a stamp on a paper card.”

A Doorsteps customer

Here’s what Doorsteps had to say…

“Scrummy Club was exactly what we needed, and their team has been really helpful from the outset - with quick and responsive support ever since we launched.

It was incredibly easy to set up and we were live in the app within just a couple of days of signing up. 

Our customers love it because it means one less stamp card to carry around with them and they have their phone with them all the time.

Scrummy has been great for encouraging repeat business, particularly on traditionally slower days. By offering double points on market days, we’ve been able to keep our sales more consistent throughout the week.

We’re really happy with Scrummy Club and I would definitely recommend it – 10 out of 10!”

Pete at Doorsteps

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