There’s really no point investing in a loyalty program for your small business, unless your best customers are on it. After all, the bigger your Scrummy Club is, the more opportunity you will have to reward those customers AND the more opportunity you will have to grow your customer base through referrals.

So, aside from getting your loyalty offer right, prioritising customer signups needs to be the number one way to drive ROI and reap the full value of your loyalty program.

With more customers enrolled, the more data you will have execute personalised marketing, which in turn will drastically increases overall engagement and sales.

To help ensure your Scrummy Club attracts (and hangs on to) your best customers, we’ve pooled our in-house experts and some of our very own Scrummy Traders to see what’s been working best for their Scrummy Club - and their business.

Overwhelmingly, here’s their top top:

1. Ask the magic question!

We aim to keep things really easy and low maintenance for our Traders (we understand that you don’t need more on your plate).

All your Scrummy Club needs is an initial 4-week push where you and your staff ask each and every customer one magic question. Are you ready? Here it is:

“Would you like a free… [whatever your offer is]?”

That’s it, seriously. It sounds simple, but that’s because it is. It’s also incredibly effective.

The answer to this magic question, whether it’s “Would you like a free coffee?” or “Would you like 10% off your next purchase?” is usually a resounding “Yes please!”.

And this helps lead the conversation toward how they just need to download the Scrummy Club app and start collecting points toward their reward.

Easy peasy right?

From there Scrummy Club, along with your in-store signage, does the rest. And we’re working on loads of additional features behind the scenes that will help accelerate your sign-ups, your Scrummy Club and your business even further.

And their second top tip?

2. Keep asking that magic question!

You should absolutely continue to encourage your staff to keep asking your magic question to new and unfamiliar faces, but their enthusiasm can wain over time. With that in mind we suggest also using other marketing channels to continue asking that very same question.

Promote your Scrummy Club by asking your magic question on in-store signage, menus and flyers, on your website, in your email newsletters, and on social media.

The good news is we provide a load of stickers and point of sale materials for you to stick on your counter, windows, point of sale, flyers, menus, price lists and more. And, if you’re feeling creative we can share some poster templates and logos for you to make your own.

We also help promote your business and your Scrummy Club via our own social media channels, making it easy for you to re-tweet and share.

Have you tried any other ways that have worked for growing your Scrummy Club (or any loyalty program)? If so please share them and we’ll add the best of them here.