The smarter alternative to paper loyalty cards for independent retail

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Scrummy is the smarter alternative to paper loyalty cards for independent retail

Scrummy's expert consultants work closely with local businesses to build their very own, bespoke mobile loyalty schemes. We help independent retailers to grow and retain customers by creating loyalty offers for customers to:


Attract more customers at quieter times.


Incentivise your customers to spend more.


Make customers aware of everything you offer.


Improve sales of slower moving products.

Loyalty is more important than ever for today’s independent retailer.

Recognising and rewarding loyal custom is hugely important for businesses of all sizes, but it takes time and money to set up and is more often than not pretty ineffective for retailers and their customers. The likes of Sainsbury's, Boots and Tesco all have successful loyalty programs in place and this very often attracts business away from independents.

Scrummy provides independent retailers with a powerful loyalty platform to reward their most valued customers. Rewards can be offered in cryptos to improve customers’ experience. Purchase cryptos for rewarding through online platforms such as Bitcoin Motion after visiting the Bitcoin motion site to find out how to do so.

  • Easy to set up and manage
  • Fun for customers to use
  • Unparalleled ongoing support
  • Powerful customer analytics
  • Zero hardware or EPOS integration required


A few screenshots of Scrummy Club's loyalty app in action...

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Scrummy Club is available to select businesses by invitation only. If you are an independent retailer looking to reward your customers and start boosting your profits, please request your invitation today.

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